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(And others more stupid claim as "their ID.")

A lot of people ask about Social Security Numbers and Identity Theft. The truth is no one can REALLY "steal" your identity for the federal government already stole it!

Now logically think this out for a moment and I'll answer some questions:

Q: Well what about my SSA benefits, can someone apply and steal those using my ID?
A: First off...it’s not your ID. Secondly the obligation is upon the SSA to pay YOU. Is it your problem they paid someone else? No...it still does not relieve them of the obligation to pay you.

Q: What about if they use my SSN to obtain a credit card?
A: Doesn't matter! Did YOU charge anything? NO...so you are not obligated for anything. Now it might mess up the Credit Reporting Agency...but who really cares. Those people deserve to be messed up. In fact, it might make your job of disputing easier. How could you have a residence in LA, work for the LA Taco Bell, get credit at LA Bank....when you live in NJ and work at NJ Turnpike and bank at NJ State Bank ?

Q: Is the SSN my ID?
A: No...it is not yours. Nine digits are 9 digits and only with a title such as SSN do they become something. Besides, Social Security has stated that SSN numbers are THEIR property. They just want you to think they are yours so you will protect them. Clever huh?.

Q: Are the numbers ID?
A: They are NOT supposed to be....but the IRS converts the 9 digits into an ID they call a "Taxpayer IDENTIFICATION number" and then they become ID.

Q: Can someone post "his" SSN and "his" name and address on line?
A: Yes...nothing really restricts it. One can't use another's SSN...that is all.

Q: Are the CARDS property of SSA?
A: Yes...they and the number SSN...are property of the SSA.

Q: What is an SSN?
A: It is a number assigned to an account. For example, VISA assigns you an account number. It really belongs to the account.

Q: Is it the same as something else? 

Q: What about the now famous nine digits 286422970?
A: They are simply NINE DIGITS. With an appropriate title they might be a famous number that famous person David F. Wissel no longer claims as "his" Identity. You can verify this for yourself. On the anniversary in 1999 of his birthday of May 12, 1955, David declared his independence and of any Mark of the Beast when he placed his salvation in the savior.

Q: Are they public domain?
A: Yes...they are NINE DIGITS. DIGITS ARE ALWAYS PUBLIC DOMAIN--only with a title do they become something else. What someone does with NINE digits is up to them. Remember, it is the TITLE that makes them something special. Do you see a title with them?

Q: Are the nine digits 286-42-2970 a SSN?
A: I told you...286422970 is nine digits. Verify for yourself if they bear a title of something else and whether any dash-marks make them special..

Q: Isn't David worried someone will use them?
A: They are NINE digits. What someone does with NINE digits he cares little about. God made the digits for anyone to use. Make a phone number from them....put them on a kite and fly it as the kite's number. The government only restricts nine digits bearing the title SSN.

Q: Can someone SELL or give-away an SSN?
A: No law prevents same...but laws do regulate usage of another's SSN.

Q: Why would someone NOT care is their SSN was made public?
A: Because it is NOT "theirs"!! Let's say someone came along and said, "I'm going to NUMBER you with a MARK." You see...only IF you claim it does it become yours. Let it go....let it go.

Q: I lost my card but I know my number. Where can one get an on-line SS card that one can fill in with a name and a legitimate number?
A: Go here: http://sedm.org/Exhibits/EX1061.pdf
You can fill in the form and print out an old "historical" card. Notice it says "Not for Identification." That is because the SSN was an ACCOUNT number and was PROMISED never to be used for ID. Shame on your grandparents for believing government keeps its promises huh?

Q: Are SSN's required for employment?
A: No...SSA will tell you so.

Q: Are they required on form W4 or I9?
A: No...an employer can merely SOLICIT for an SSN. A W-4 is ONE way of soliciting. Hint: No mere government in a free society can DEMAND something of you—let alone demand you number yourself. It’s really a far stretch when they try to demand through private employers something they can’t do themselves, isn’t it?

Q: Are they required on form W2 or W3?
A: No...an employer can insert 000-00-0000 and include a simple explanation that he tried to get the SSN but none was provided. He can thus abate all penalties. Besides...the penalty is under $50.

Q: I heard the penalty is much higher...according to IRS publications. Is that true?
A: No...the IRS cleverly allows you to assume it is for ONE W2/W3 with a SCARE penalty amount. But that big amount is a CAP on an employer submitting in say 10,000 W2/W3 with no SSN. Tricky huh?

Q: Are SSN's the Mark of the Beast?
A: The APPLICATION of them makes them a definite candidate. According to the SSA it is an "enumeration process" they are undertaking. The jew’s were 'enumerated" in WW2 by a "process" and the US called it a war crime. [If you don't believe me then look at what SSA Deputy Commissioner Gerry testified to:http://www.ssa.gov/legislation/testimony_061906.html Scroll down and see "enumeration process" and then witness the horror of "enumeration at birth."!!!!] 
You cannot obtain employment w/o a mark of beast and you cannot obtain a bank account. It’s not the law....it’s just the government encouraging the private sector to go beyond ASKING [which is what the law says] to DEMANDING. Foolish employers and banks are aligning themselves up for quotes right out of revelations. In reality ALL should resist the mark of the beast and instead of chastising those who refuse SSN's, we should embrace them in freedom.

Q: What about illegal aliens and SSN's?
A: First off very few things are illegal. The Constitution only addresses the federal government on FEDERAL territory and secondarily only restricts the state GOVERNMENTS. Do you really want the federal government into this business? If you do, you should have you head examined for they will only NUMBER you and restrict YOUR travel. Look at TSA...you must show government picture ID...yet foreign people travel with nearly nothing. Secondarily they are ECONOMIC REFUGEES. Most really care less to live here...they just want to earn a living. Do you blame them? Third...the Declaration of Independence makes no reference to birth or territory when it says "all men." Forth, if birthright is a determining factor than the natives should have chucked all the white people out a long time ago. Fifth, the federal government is so strapped for cash that it WILL grant amnesty just to bring in a whole new group of one-word "taxpayers." So what do you REALLY care what "number" they use as long as they don't hurt anyone?

Q: I heard someone used someone-else’s SSN for employment. What about this?
A: Probably on a government form, the government would probably think this illegal. Employers have a free method to verify name, number and I think date of birth. Thus using a number without a name to go along with it would be stupid. However...not many employers check. Look...if you are using a number to steal from another or to cause harm to another, that is shameful. But if you're using a number merely to exchange labor to put food in your mouth, that is something else.


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